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The music is soft, 
Like a tinkling bell,
Or a harp playing, high on a hill.
We sit in an arc,
Our feet on the ground,
Tethered to earth as we float.
We hear a soft voice,
With the words that will lead
To a place that is deep in our soul.
A place that we own,
Where we're quiet and still,
Where peace and tranquility reign.
It is there that we find
Our innermost thoughts,
And meet with our guides
Always there.........
They're sometimes forgotten,
In times of unrest,
Until we allow them our space.
Then they speak to us,
Deep in our hearts.
It is then, when we're open
That answers flood in,
And healing begins in our lives.
Only then that we feel
At peace with our World,
And love is a tangible thing.
Then love and clear light,
Surround and uplift,
In these moments of heavenly truth.
We give thanks for our Guides
For the gifts we receive,
And try to remember their calm.
We try to stay focused
Attempt to accept.
To give others that feeling of Love.
While we travel together
In tune with the universe plan.

Poem by M. Savage  Jan 2012.