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As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

About Jenny

MY JOURNEY started several years ago when I went through both positive and negative changes in my life. I am curious about health issues that emerge in our physical bodies and the impact that emotional aspects of life's circumstances and associated traumas have on our lives.

A path that lead me to explore ways in which I can grow in spiritual development on physical, spiritual and soul levels. 

Here and now my life purpose is to assist others to find their "self-worth", "spiritual truth" and "soul purpose" to reach alignment with self-actualization.

MY JOURNEY continues as I constantly evolve and raise my level of consciousness to engage in further studies, professional/personal/spiritual development and methods of healing to raise my vibrational frequencies. I have built on the foundations of my previous wisdom to receive the ignitions and knowledge of the Holy Fire energy to gain understanding of its principles, symbols and techniques on how to treat and initiate others. 

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**Gift Vouchers available on request**

Psychic Intuitive Readings:                                                 $100 duration 1.0 hour

                                                                                            $60 duration 0.5 hour

Counselling Initial:                                                               $140 duration 1.5 hours

Counselling sessions:                                                         $100 duration 1.0 hour

Usui Reiki Initial:                                                                  $140 duration 1.5 hours

Usui Reiki sessions:                                                            $100 duration 1.0 hour

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Initial:                                              $140 duration 1.5 hours

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki sessions:                                        $100 duration 1.0 hour

Meditation, Holy Fire Healing & Channel Wisdom* Groups $20

Distant Healings:                                                                 By arrangement.

Rebates     Medicare Rebates not available.

Register for Workshops/Courses now call Jenny 0407 672 829

Workshop Charges

Holy Fire Healing                                     1 day                       $150                    Workshop 

In this course receive the new Holy Fire energy and learn how to connect to the divine spiritual realm using a higher frequency of communication with divine spiritual teachers to gain insights and access wisdom in a safe environment.

Pre-requisite for Holy Fire Healing Meditation Group

Connect to Intuition                               1 day                       $110                     Basic Workshop

Develop a connection to your intuition through various methods including psychometry & pendulums.

Channel Wisdom                                     1 day                       $150                    Advanced Workshop

In this course learn to work with specific tools to prepare for Channeling. Find out how to connect to the spiritual realm, communicate with spiritual teachers to gain insights and access wisdom in a safe environment.

Pre-requisite for Channel Wisdom Meditation Group

Protection 1                                              1 day                       $110                    Basic Workshop 

Discover how to cleanse and clear your energy field. Learn basic methods of psychic protection and how to put these protection methods in place.

Protection 2                                               1 day                      $150                     Advanced Workshop

Gain a deeper understanding of protection and why it is necessary. Learn advanced methods of psychic protection, what is the best style for you and how to incorporate these methods in your work.

Pre-requisite completion of Protection Basic Workshop.

Course Charges

The Usui System of Natural Healing

Usui Reiki Shiki Ryōhō (臼井靈氣式療法

Reiki courses in the Usui System of Natural Healing and Usui Lineage.

Manuals provided and Certificates in Usui Shiki Rhyho the Usui Lineage issued by Jenny.

Reiki I - First Degree                               2 days                     $255

Learn the ancient Usui system of Japanese healing art of Reiki and how to connect to Universal Life Force energy to open and heal the body's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Learn 5 Principles of Usui Reiki. Receive face-to-face attunement for Reiki I - First Degree.

Reiki II - Second Degree                        2 days                    $355

Learn 3 traditional Reiki II symbols and how to use them, healing karma, distance healing and non-healing uses of symbols. Enhance your communication to contact spirit guides to enhance intuition, understand and interpret messages. Receive face-to-face attunement for Reiki II - Second Degree.

Pre-requisite face-to-face attunement to Usui Reiki I level.

Reiki 3a - Third Degree                       2 days                     $455

Practitioner's teaching includes Reiki 3a symbol and uses in healing. Deepen your connection to your true self and awaken unconditional love. Techniques of a master healer to heighten your healing abilities.Receive face-to-face attunement for Reiki 3a - Third Degree (pre-Master/Teacher).

Pre-requisite face-to-face attunement to Usui Reiki II level.

Reiki Master/Teacher - Master Teacher's Degree

6 - 9 months                                                                                 $4,555

Includes information on passing Reiki Attunements and teaching the Reiki system to others. One-on-one instructions held on a regular weekly basis.

Receive face-to-face attunement for Reiki Master/Teacher.

Pre-requisite face-to-face attunement to Usui Reiki 3a level.

Training Charges

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®

Training now available by Jenny Gatt, a Registered Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master in the Holy Fire a new Reiki energy introduced to Australia by William Lee Rand.

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® I Practitioner 5-7 hours $500

Learn the Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® I symbols, how to activate them and what they are used for. Receive the necessary ignitions and knowledge for Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® I Practitioner level.

Pre-requisite Usui Reiki 3a

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® II Practitioner 5-7 hours $500

Learn the Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® II symbols, how to activate them and what they are used for. Receive the necessary ignitions and knowledge for Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® II Practitioner level.

Pre-requisite Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®I Practitioner

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master2-3 days $1,700

Learn how the Usui Sensei system has developed into a new Holy Fire energy. It is more powerful and effective healing. Learn 8 treatment symbols for Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® and 1 master symbol for Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master level. Demonstrate comprehension of its principles, symbols and techniques.

Receive the necessary ignitions and knowledge for Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® I Practitioner, Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® II Practitioner and Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master levels to be able to treat and initiate others.

Pre-requisite Master Teacher must be attuned to Usui Reiki, be a Reiki Master for at least 6 months and taught one student.

Register now call Jenny 0407 672 829

to attend, receive the necessary ignitions and knowledge for Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® and learn how to demonstrate comprehension of its principles, symbols and techniques to be able to treat and initiate others.

All Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® training are a Registered Program and recognized by The International Center for Reiki Training, by William Lee Rand in USA. Manuals provided and Certificates issued by The International Center of Reiki Training.

Testimonials -



Training, Courses, Sessions & Meditation


"I saw Jenny for my first ever card reading. Jenny's calming presence provided a reflective atmosphere for my reading. The pace of the reading allowed me time to process information, with Jenny also pausing to check in with me. At the end of the reading Jenny debriefed information from the reading with me which I found very helpful. Jenny gave me the option of recording my session. I could not have chosen a better person for my first card reading. Jenny alleviated, with her natural calming nature, any anxiety I had about having my cards read and I will definitely be seeing Jenny again in the future." KC

"A big thank you to Jenny for my card reading. Jenny was accurate a lot of things I have been going through recently. My future looks more positive. I've had readings done before but would have to say she's right up there with accuracy. I walked out feeling very positive and relaxed. Would highly recommend Jenny 10/10." CH


Jenny is a very professional personal development consultant. Her level of expertise and sensitivity to client’s needs are exemplary.” DLS

“Jenny is dedicated to assisting others in shining their light. Her approach is caring yet strong and her determination in fulfilling the relevant vision is to be commended. I am grateful for the time I have worked with Jenny and having found her methods inspiring I highly recommend Jenny to anyone who is considering working with her. Keep shining.” LP

“Jenny has an acute ability in empathizing with others from a variety of backgrounds. Jenny demonstrates a passion for her work and genuinely cares for those who seek out her skills. I enthusiastically recommend Jenny to anyone who has a desire to heal.” LP

“Jenny is a very dedicated, caring and wonderful person, takes a lot of care in the work she does and the people she cares for. I would recommend Jenny very highly.” MM

“Jenny is a caring holistic Reiki Practitioner who maintains high standards of care; we met at a Reiki Conference. PN 


"Jenny came highly recommended to me by one of her previous Reiki students. Meeting Jenny, I look back on it as a pivotal part of my life and I highly recommend doing her Reiki courses.

Jenny guided me beautifully through Reiki 1 & 2 with ease and grace. I experienced many visions and awakening moments in a class reiki share and meditations throughout the lessons, and during attunements. She was always on call whenever I felt overwhelmed – if I didn’t contact her, she was checking in on me.

Her love for facilitating healing and helping others is one I have adopted myself and I honour having spent 3 months working with her and learning this traditional healing modality. This year, I went on to attain my Reiki Master Teacher Degree with a different teacher, however the ground work I did with Jenny, was paramount in my progression and very memorable. If you are doubting your abilities, don’t, Jenny has the knowledge and time to help you align your intentions with your goals and aspirations." JL

"My Reiki 11 training experience with Jenny was wonderful. Jenny has a great knowledge, a loving gentle nature and there is no doubt in my mind, that she has some powerful energies working with her. Small classes and held in her home made an intimate and personal environment for such teachings. If you have been guided to Reiki and guided to Jenny, trust you are where you need to be. Enjoy the experience!" JS

“Jenny is a very caring, nurturing person, and an excellent and wonderful Spiritual and Reiki teacher. She truly has a gift for healing and helping other people. I can't thank Jenny enough for all the knowledge, advice, guidance and support she has given me through her Reiki Level I, II and 3a training and I look forward to continuing my Reiki journey with her in the future.” RG

"I met Jenny at the beginning of 2010 and I didn't know I was going to be led onto a path of self-discovery & healing, but I am surely grateful for everything that she has helped me achieve. My spiritual journey needed transformation. Through meditative classes & Reiki Teachings with Jenny I have evolved & transmuted into a more blissful & serene vision of myself. My physical, mental & emotional states have been ever challenging & changing but maturing confidently during my exchanges with Jenny. She has facilitated a very gentle, caring & trusting environment for the healing of these areas to take place. Through the Reiki Teachings, her loving integral example of self-awareness, self-acceptance and non-judgmental witnessing I have learnt to be kinder to myself & others knowing this is a place I would always want to aspire to. Thank you Jenny". KiC

"Jenny is very caring, intuitive teacher who gently let me on the path to discovery and shared with me ancient secret methods of gaining happiness in my life. With Jenny's guidance I have learned how to really listen to my body and ways to maintain physical and mental health. With new awareness and insight that Jenny has taught me, I have learned how to examine my thought process, understand myself, seek guidance and make changes to heal on all levels. Thank you Jenny for giving me an insight into one of life's great lessons." JS


"I have known Jenny for 10 years, as she has been my Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master. Jenny is a person of many talents and has a wonderful heart, always looking at helping others with her gift of healing or a kind word. We've developed a friendship over the years and I can't thank Jenny enough for all her advice, knowledge, guidance, support and friendship. I look forward to advancing on my spiritual path with Jenny's help and training of Reiki 111a and IV". KF

"I was happily surprised to have found a meditation group of such a high level. It was very easy for me channelling and receiving many messages from my guides. Jennifer is not only a fantastic professional ( I've had the fortune to receive some Reiki healing from her ) but also is a Great Channel of the Spirit. Her meditation classes and workshops are amazing." NC


"When I am in a state of feeling overwhelmed, confused, feel as I have no direction, I call Jenny. She is so professional, caring and such a pleasure to be around. I am still not sure of exactly what Jenny does during our time together, but I know that when I leave, I have clarity, focus and very clear direction. Thank you Jenny for your time, support and the wonderful work you do." SS

“Jenny has a very strong professional approach but can be very personal and supportive at the same time highly recommend jenny's services.” NW

“Jenny, thank you so much for taking your time to help me feel better and gain clarity on a few issues that were bugging me.” FS

“Jenny is a caring, responsible and I believe, an expert component of her profession. She has managed to help me move blockages which were limiting me in my life and I am very grateful.” JR

“If you need clarity around any issues or challenges in your life I highly recommend seeing Jenny. Her work with me has made a significant difference to my life. It helped me identify areas and behaviours in my life that needed my attention if I was to live the life I wanted. I am still on the journey and I know I will see Jenny again for her guidance and healing.” AC

“Jenny is a lovely person, who has a beautiful way with people. She is genuine and of the highest integrity.” DC

“Jenny is a very knowledgeable exponent of Reiki. Her treatment is non-invasive and you take an active role in your self-healing. Jenny uses a hands on healing approach which certainly worked for me, helping me to release old fears. I am very grateful and Jenny comes with my highest recommendation.” JR

"I recently had a treatment with Jenny and it was so unexpected and so incredible that I wanted to share it with you. I am open minded to complementary medicine but hadn't had Reiki before so was unsure of what to expect. As soon as I stepped into Jenny's space a sense of calm overcame me and I instantly felt relaxed and safe. Jenny in her beautiful gentle way briefly told me what to expect and we briefly discussed the health issues which had led me to her door. When we started the treatment I was alarmed to find I couldn't quieten my mind and as time went on emotions burst out of me which I didn't know where inside. Eventually, my mind was quiet and I could feel energy coursing through the areas Jenny and I were focussing on. I can't properly put into words the way I felt upon leaving Jenny, but it would be an understatement to say it was the most incredible healing experience I have had. I haven't stopped raving about Jenny and her incredible gift. I can't wait to see her again. If you are feeling unwell or even feeling low emotionally do yourself a favour and make an appointment. I am sure you won't be disappointed. Warmest Regards". RS

"I had the most wonderful Reiki Session with Jenny of Alchemy Connections. The session had been a long time coming as I have had to travel to Sydney to take care of my mother and this is ongoing. I have had many sessions over the years in many different modalities so know when there is an exceptional practitioner amongst us. Jenny is that practitioner. She is highly intuitive, caring, respectful and totally devoted to her vocation. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who either wants some beautiful energy, healing, relaxation or a new direction. In my case, I felt absolutely relaxed after the session and energised with a refreshed outlook and a definite sense of well being. Thank you so much Jenny". SB

"I just wanted to let you know that my recent Reiki Session with you really helped me reconnect to my true self. Finding my true self for me meant, removing self-doubts that had built up over time and gaining clarity on who I was and where I wanted to go. You have a loving and understanding way of communicating and most of all made me feel understood. I would recommend your service to my family and friends who would like to gain clarity in their life and connect with their true inner self". FS


"I have been in a deep state of grief since my husband passed away in November. Six months ago I was fortunate enough to be invited to a meditation/healing group run by Jenny. Each week I have gained strength and understanding of the process of grief through Jenny's expert guidance. The group has a beautiful energy which nutures and supports. I feel I am more in control of my life and even though I still have difficult days the group has built up my resilience to the point that I can handle them without falling apart. Thank you Jenny for helping me through such a difficult time. I recommend this meditation/healing group to all who want to have a more fulfilling life." MT

"Jenny's Meditation group is a compelling place to be. I find my Spiritual Growth nourished and Enlightenment brightened. Thank you, Jenny, for being such a clear Channel for Spirit. Gratitude." RN

“Jenny has a naturally caring personality, she is perfectly suited to her role. She is professional and well qualified. I would recommend her.” DC

"I recently attended one of Jenny's Meditation groups. I wasn't sure what I would experience, or what I would gain from the session. I was a little anxious about trying something new, and about how much of myself I had to expose, from a spiritual perspective. I need not have worried. Jenny was absolutely professional, and also very caring in her approach. The Guided Meditation was SO relaxing and very calming. I was able to let go of the usual daily distractions and I enjoyed being 'still' in a lovely harmonious environment. I would certainly recommend Jenny and Alchemy Connections, to anyone who wants to switch their brain off for a while, and learn to reconnect with what is important in their everyday lives. Thank you Jenny!" KiC